Southern Crane and Tractor Inc.

                                                               Sales Policies, Taxes, and Warranty Info         

An invoice is a binding document to purchase a Truck or machine.

Forms of Payment: 

Wire Transfer.

Personal Check: Requires Bank letter Guaranteeing funds Equipment Can not leave unitl the check to clears. 

Company Check: Bank letter Required Guaranteeing  funds for First Time customers.


To hold or Reserve a machine for one week 5 Bank Days (in order to arrange for financing, This is not a rental)  there is a Required 15%  Deposit Down on the final Selling price of the Truck or machine. This Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

If you are unsure of your ability to obtain financing, Do not Put the Deposit down.

Taxes-Heavy Equipment

There is a $500.00 Sales tax For Light construction Equipment on all used Machines under 160 HP. This Tax is in addition to the final selling price of the machine.

Out of State Sale Via common Carrier: No sales tax  

Warranty Information  

All Used Equipment Is sold with all faults known and unknown. No warranty is Expressed or Implied. All Used Equipment and Truck sales are Final. 

Southern Crane and Tractor Inc. FAQ


Can I check out the machine or Truck out on your yard ?

Yes Of Course! We have pleanty of area to test the machine out. 

(It is always a wise move to Buy from a Dealer who will let you run the machine.)  

Do you Have Financing available

Yes, We have Financing available thru Key Credit Corp and Patriot Finance. 

Is there a Warranty on the equipment you sell?

No, We do not provide a warranty on our sales of Used Equipment. 

Can I just you know..... Try the machine or truck out for a week. Just to see if I like it?

Unfortunately No, But We would be happy to rent you the machine or refer you to another Dealer. 

Ive got a lot of work Lined up but I can't pay you till I get paid, Can I rent the machine on Credit?

Unfortuately we can not rent on terms of credit. 

Where did the machine come From ?

All of our Machines come from the Factory..... 

We source all of our Machinery from local Contractors, Auctions, Surplus Sales, and even from overseas.

Will you Fix all the little things wrong with the machine that I want done?

Unfortunately, We can not All of our machines are used. If you require a perfect machine we will be happy to refer you to a dealer