Penn Metal Fabricators MKT99 Field Kitchen Trailer

The possibilities are endless and We have many of these available. They are in Used condition, however many of them look new. Please Read

The Trailer in the photos that is set up is our display model. You are bidding on the one that is all Olive Drab Green. No camo comes with this trailer.

The assembly weighs around 5700 pounds However the actual Kitchen can be taken off of the trailer and put on something else, The Frame and Kitchen itself is made of High Grade aluminum that folds up into a box for transport.

Everything in the Kitchen is made of Aluminum and stainless !! The US GOVT paid $145,000 a Piece for these trailers.

Each Trailer has lots of options for Implement Placement. you can set them up however you want.

Here is a list of the features of the trailer

 STOCK Number 3465
electrical outlet hookup 
cabinets, Drawers and storage spaces, Insulated Doors on many of the storage areas  
2 Giant Roasting ovens 
One Giant skillet with grease traps
Stainless counter top
2 sets of steps 
Pintle Hitch
Air Brakes equipped but not needed to move  
1 Large Cambro Ice chest Cooler 
4 Medium Sized Cambro sealed insulated Food Containers
Various Extra Utensils 
1 Burner With electrical supply 
Grounding Rod
Large Box pan with lid 
Stainless Extension tables 
Jack stand lever 
Ventilation system
Aluminum Movable box
Large can opener with adapter
Green Mosquito Netting walls, and Green  Foul Weather tent walls 
2 Lifting Cranks 


  AM General M998 Humvee ,1989
  4x4, Power Steering,

  Weight 5380 lb,

150 HP 6.5L GM V8 Diesel,

60" Water Fording,

86" Width,

Fully independent Suspension.

                  Excellent Condition